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Semi-hardcore 10-Man Raiding on the Cenarius server.

11/14H - Siege Of Orgrimmar

2/13H - Throne Of Thunder

6/6H - Mogu'shan Vaults

6/6H - Heart Of Fear

4/4H - Terrace Of Endless Spring

Welcome to Juggernaut, an Alliance 10-Man Raiding Guild on the Cenarius server. We are the Realm First Guild to Level 25 and have players that are not just great raiders, but great friends.

We are an adult guild (21+) focused on PvE Progression and fun for our members.

Raiders must have all gear correctly, gemmed, enchanted, and reforged. Raiders are expected to also know their class and rotation. Minimum ilvl required for our raids varies by group, and prior raid experience is a MUST.

We use the EPGP system for distributing loot, full time repairs for anyone of raider rank, food is provided at raids but bring your own flasks. We work hard get to get as many bosses down as possible and have fun with no pressure.

When we're not busy raiding, we have daily optional group guild activities including chain heroics, challenge modes, scenarios, old world raids (including Cataclysm raids), and mount runs that get start up randomly by our members. This is a guild that loves playing together.

We are currently in need of players interested in Flex Raiding, being on standby for normal mode raids, pvper's, and anyone that needs a home to quest/level/have fun in.

If you have any questions about the Guild, the website, or any other issues, they can be brought to any of our officers:

• Gregolas - Guild Master

• Eraia - Co-Guild Master

Domina - Co-Guild Master

• Sigyl - Co-Guild Master

• Gunthor - Raid Leader (Team Name: "The Other Guys" - Raid Times: Tue/Thu 6pm-9pm Server)

• Grignr - Raid Leader (Team Name: "Flame Wreath" - Raid Times: Fri/Sun 6:30pm-9:30pm Server)

• Meridios - Raid Leader (Team Name: "Third Wheel" - Raid Times: Tue/Thu/Mon 8pm-11pm Server)

• Iggy - Officer

Thank you for considering Juggernaut! If you are interested in joining as a raider please submit an application on the website via the widget at the top left of the site. If you are interested in joining as a casual player whisper any of the above officers.
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